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California Coast University Online  

Posted by Assad Abbas

California Coast University Online

Established in 1973, California Coast University has enabled working adults, lacking the necessary time or access to a physical school, with the opportunity to complete degree programs that can open new career doors. Flexible distance-learning classes ensure that students will earn an undergraduate or graduate degree in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Management, Education, Psychology, and Health Care Administration in as much or as little time as they have available.

Assessment evaluations are administered to students to establish existing competencies. Students may challenge courses in order to accelerate their education through exams. Exams are completed through a combination of online learning and correspondence.

Textbooks are available for rent from the California Coast University library and are delivered to the home of the student. California Coast University's tuition is less expensive than most accredited degree programs and they offer $100.00 per month, interest free tuition payments. Tuition assistance programs and VA Benefits are available to qualified students.

California Coast University is nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

Programs offered:
*Note: CCU only accepts students currently residing in the US.

School of Administration and Management

* A.S. Business AdministrationA.S. Business Administration
Learn skills to advance in business through coursework ranging from fundamental business and management training, core information management terminologies, and communication to basic management functions, marketing principles, and organization theory. Students also receive General Education and elective studies to complete an Associate Degree.
* B.S. Business AdministrationB.S. Business Administration
With curriculum to build on an Associate in Business Management, the Bachelor of Science in Business administration provides more advanced coursework specialized in business along with core curriculum for degree completion.
* B.S. Health Care AdministrationB.S. Health Care Administration
Develop management competencies through introductory training in community health, information technology, and cultural diversity along with advanced studies in health care, medical law and ethics, and communications studies related to health care. General Education courses round out the Bachelor's education in Health Care Administration.
* B.S. ManagementB.S. Management
Receive specialized training in Public Relations, Human Resources Management, Small Business Management, and Operations management along with core business and information technology courses and General Education requirements to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management.
* M.S. ManagementM.S. Management
Graduate students continue their education in business management, communications, and information technology through advanced course study and research.
Complete advanced training in business administration through courses in Management Information Systems, International Business Management, Organizational Behavior, and Project Management. Master's students have the option of either developing a Masters Thesis or completing three additional courses in Leadership, Strategic Management, and E-Commerce Management.
* MBA Human Resources ManagementMBA Human Resources Management
Specialize an MBA with course study in Human Relations, Advanced Human Resources Management, and Strategic Compensation. Research projects are also required for Master's Degree completion.

School of Behavioral Science

* A.S. PsychologyA.S. Psychology
In addition to General Education course requirements, Associate's students are required to complete specialized courses in Intro to Psych, Developmental, Abnormal, and Counseling Psychology, Marriage and Family, and Personality Theories.
* B.S. PsychologyB.S. Psychology
Bachelor's students build on Associate curriculum with courses in Organizational Psychology, Test and Measurements in Psychology, Educational and Social Psych, and History and Systems of Psychology. General Education courses are also required for Bachelor's Degree completion.
* M.S. PsychologyM.S. Psychology
Along with satisfying General Education and Bachelor's requirements, Master of Science in Psych students are required to take additional courses in Human Sexuality, Graduate Research, Psychopathology, Physiological Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Assessment Techniques. Graduate students are also responsible for completing either a Masters Thesis or three additional courses in Alcohol/Chemical Substance Abuse, Psychology of Aging, and Group Psychotherapy.

School of Criminal Justice

* A.S. Criminal JusticeA.S. Criminal Justice
Students develop fundamental criminal justice skills to succeed in law enforcement and investigation.
* B.S. Criminal JusticeB.S. Criminal Justice
The Bachelor in Criminal Justice program provides specialized skill training in criminal justice to prepare graduates for advanced positions in law enforcement and related criminal justice professions.

School of Education

* M.Ed. Curriculum and InstructionM.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction
Teachers looking for preparatory education and a Masters Degree in Education develop a knowledge base through courses in Integrating Technology into Teaching, Cultural Issues in Education, and Models of Teaching along with specialized learning in Psychology Applied to Teaching, Strategic Issues Management, and Curriculum Design and Evaluation. Students are required to either develop a Masters Thesis or complete three additional courses in Leadership and Technology, Public Policy, and Global Perspectives in Curriculum.
* M.Ed. AdministrationM.Ed. Administration
For educators looking for advancement in an administrative or supervisory capacity, the M.Ed. in Administration provides courses in Supervision of Instruction, Educational Leadership, Educational Personnel Management, and School/Community Relations in addition to core M.Ed. and General Education requirements. Masters students are also required to complete either a Master's Thesis or three extra courses in Leadership and Technology, Public Policy, and Legal Aspects of Education.

Accrediting Agency
Distance Education and Training Council, Accrediting Commission.

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