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Epoka University  

Posted by Assad Abbas


Epoka University was licensed by the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 281, dated 12.03.2008. It is owned by the Turgut Özal Education Company, which has also established and operated the much-acclaimed system of Turkish primary and high schools in Albania since 1992.

Epoka University was founded in order to address the needs of Albania and the Balkans for an institution of higher education based on the American Educational System. The objectives of the founders are to increase the quality and effectiveness of education and training systems in the region, to facilitate the access of all to the education and training and to open these systems up to the wider world. Raising the quality and standards of learning is essential if Albania is to become a more competitive and dynamic society in this age of globalization and if its citizens are to be able to develop their own skills to their full potential.

General Information

Epoka University attracts exceptionally talented students and challenges academically the motivated students to work to their fullest intellectual capacities. In all of its programs, the University seeks to enhance the self-development of students so that they will become informed and effective participants in public affairs and in all of their subsequent educational and vocational pursuits. To that end, EPOKA provides a challenging and supportive living and learning environment that encourages students’ active participation in residential life, student organizations and social events.

The Mission Statement of EPOKA
The mission of Epoka University is to contribute to the sustainable development and improvement of society as a whole, through the education of highly-qualified graduates and responsible citizens who are able to meet the needs of all sectors of human activity, by offering relevant qualifications - including professional training - which combine high-level knowledge and skills, using courses and content continually tailored to the present and future needs of society.

Epoka University in Albania
Epoka University is one of Albania's most competitive universities. Epoka University has established a selection process for the admission of prospective students.
The students that succeed the university entrance examination are eligible to enroll at the program of their choice.

High Standards of Education
Epoka University has employed highly qualified faculty whose competence and experience is measurable through international standards. For an effective education, Epoka University puts special emphasis on the use of technological infrastructure and information technology.
Web-based education is also considered very important at Epoka University.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Departments and Majors
Epoka University currently comprises seven departments, three research centers and two institutes and offers a total of seven undergraduate majors:

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences

1. Finance and Banking
2. Economics
3. Business Administration
4. Political Science and International Relations

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

1. Civil Engineering
2. Computer Engineering
3. Architecture

The research centers are the Center of Research and Application; Center for European Studies; Earthquake and Construction Technologies Research Center. The Institutes are the Institute of Natural Sciences and Institute of Social Sciences.

Academic Year
The academic year in EPOKA is divided into two semesters. The first term of the academic year generally begins on the first week of October and ends in the middle of January. The second term begins in the middle of February and ends in mid June. EPOKA also has a summer school with regular courses.

Life at Epoka University
The University plans many social, cultural and recreational programs for the students.
These events include movies, lectures, popular concerts; the annual Spring Festival etc. The university offers to the students the opportunity to attend many outdoor and indoor social and sport activities such as football, basketball, volleyball etc.
Clubs- The need for close, personal contact and for social interaction is fulfilled in the social clubs. Social clubs stimulate a closer bond of friendship among students and enhance the students attachment to Epoka University. Social clubs at Epoka University are not exclusive. Each qualified student is given the opportunity to join and to participate in a club.
Media- Epoka University offers regular term-time student publications if students want to use their skills at journalism. There are plenty of other outlets for original student writing and the University has a number of prizes for such work.

Trips Abroad
Many of our students have the opportunity to go on one or more field trips, language courses or study visits abroad. Where you will go and what you will do obviously varies, but usually funds will be available to help the interested students.

Basic principles

Core values of the University are:

* equal opportunities
* academic freedom
* fostering of excellence; quality of education,
* the increase in the autonomy of academic staff and university as well as professional responsibility
* plurality of cultures and knowledge
* lifelong learning

1. Scientific Approach
It is unconditionally accepted that a university’s mission is to contribute to the sustainable development and improvement of society as a whole through research, creative activity, scholarly inquiry and the development of new knowledge at the highest international levels of excellence.

2. Academic Freedom
The university is opposed to dogmatic thought and ideas and it both supports and encourages the free scholarly inquiry under the scientific approach. The right to honest inquiry and legal protest is acknowledged and guaranteed by law and the legal framework of the University.

3. Interdisciplinary Approach
Interdisciplinary education and research are encouraged. The university enables academic staff to work on educational and research projects with educational centers and institutes outside their own academic units.

4. Lifelong Education
The university encourages lifelong education for its own staff and graduates, and provides these people with new scientific knowledge. In order that the people of our country benefit more effectively and efficiently from EPOKA’s experience and culture, the university develops and applies exemplary educational models.

5. The Training of Qualified People
For the benefit of society, the university aims at developing students with moral values, the skills for leadership, open-mindedness, and the habit of continuously re-educating themselves. Graduates are oriented to employ the skills they have learned at EPOKA in the workplace.

6. Financial Support
The university provides the necessary financial support to successful students with material difficulties for all the duration of their studies at EPOKA.

7. Communication with Society
The university aims to continue performing its functions in order to benefit every sector of society and remain in contact with its environment. The university is concerned with the finding and promotion of solutions to the problems of our nation, region and the international community. It plays a prominent role in providing communication in scientific, cultural and social fields.

Language of Instruction
The language of instruction at Epoka University is English.

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