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Kabul University  

Posted by Assad Abbas


Our vision is to transform Kabul University into an internationally recognized institution of learning and research, a center of innovative thought and practice serving Afghanistan and the global community.
Mission and Values

Our mission is to educate and train disciplined and creative men and women who are capable of tailoring global knowledge to Afghanistan’s economic, cultural and historical contexts, who can contribute to the creation and application of new knowledge, and who are committed to the Islamic democratic values embodied in Afghanistan’s constitution.

In pursuit of this mission, we are inspired and guided by the following values:

* Our primary responsibility is to preserve, create and transmit knowledge to our students and our nation;
* The principles of academic freedom and responsibility are essential to our faculty’s ability to provide the highest quality of teaching, research and service to Afghanistan;
* Our Islamic values—and those of other faiths and cultures—enrich the academic and social experience of our students, faculty and staff;
* Tolerance, respect for the values and traditions of others, and civil discussion and debate about issues must guide all of our activities and interactions with each other and our society;
* Every member of the University community has the right and duty to contribute constructively to the governance and development of Kabul University;
* A commitment to excellence, integrity, openness and fairness must define the character of our University, our interactions with each other, and our service to our community and nation.

Kabul University will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, gender, religion, ethnicity or national origin.

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